Specialty Products and Services
Here are some GPA "perks" that will maximize your marketing efforts,
reduce production costs, and add even more appeal to our already terrific products:
Our online ordering system allows you to upload, data enter and submit your jobs electronically. Turnaround time on MODE orders is much quicker and you also get a discount since you are doing the data entry! Our Mobile Order & Data Entry software is free for GPA clients!

League Fund Raisers
Leagues will truly appreciate our simple and effective fund raising programs, and photographers will reap the reward of increased customer loyalty!

Customized Products
Add even more appeal (and greater selling power!) to our product line by creating custom digital products that feature a league's colors and logo! Photographers can even work with our talented graphics staff to produce their own graphically unique products!

Business ID On Products
Having business ID on products is a great advertising tool for photographers. Business names and phone numbers will appear on memory mates, trading cards, magazine covers, and calendars.

Colorful Foil Stamping Options
Boost the appeal of picture mounts with custom foil stamping! Options include text, sports graphics, and league logos stamped in a variety of vibrant colors.

Custom Text Options for Plaque Engravings
Personalize our plaques with custom plates featuring names of leagues, teams, individuals, coaches, and/or sponsors.

Conveniently Organized Packaging
Each player's order is packaged with a packing slip and custom Redo/Reorder Form. Each individual order is then packaged together in a team bundle with a Team Recap Report for easy distribution.

Mail-to-Home Program
For further convenience and late-in-the-season shoots, photographers can specify our Mail-to-Home option, and we will mail each player's order directly to their home address.