PreOrder for Picture Day!
GPA's PreOrder for Picture Day brings innovation and ease to Picture Day!
PreOrder gives parents the luxury of ordering ahead of Picture Day, paying online
as well as viewing the products available on Picture Day!
PreOrder gives the photographer ease of collecting credit card orders,
easy to track order info and ease of submitting orders to GPA!
Leagues will love the versatility of this service and so will you!

What is the PreOrder for Picture Day Program?
The PreOrder Picture Day Program allows parents to order and pay online for their photos before your scheduled Picture Day.

How does it work?
  • You complete an Online Work Order and choose the PreOrder option.

  • A PreOrder link is created and emailed to you.

  • You share the link with your league, they post it on their website and email it to parents. It is your and the league's responsibility to promote the PreOrder option to parents.

  • Parents visit the league's website and click the PreOrder link.

  • Parent's follow 3 simple steps: They enter their personal information, select the packages and a la carte items based on the Sales Envelope created for the league, and pay with a Visa, Master Card or Discover card.

  • GPA processes the payment and transfers the order information to our database.

  • The parent and photographer receive an email notification, confirming the order and creating a receipt and PreOrder Picture Day Form.

  • The parent then brings the PreOrder Form to Picture Day, whereby you photograph the child and write in the Frame/Image# and Team #.

  • You send the PreOrder Forms and Sales Envelope Forms to GPA or upload to M.O.D.E., just like any other job.

  • GPA then processes the order as specified on the original Work Order.
What's required from the league?:
  • The league must have an official web site.

  • It's also recommended that the league have an email notification program in order to promote the PreOrder program to their registrants. It is vital that the parents know that PreOrder is available and that the league prefers this method of ordering.
What's required from the photographer?:
  • An Online Work Order.

  • What if the parent doesn't bring their PreOrder Picture Day Form to Picture Day?: You can print a Missing PreOrder Form Sheet that shows all of the successfully processed orders. Take this with you on Picture Day. If a parent doesn't have their PreOrder Picture Day Form, you can look up the individual's name and enter their Image # and Team # on the Missing PreOrder Form Sheet. You would then send this sheet with the job to GPA.
How does the Photographer keep track of orders?:

Please Contact Customer Service for full details on GPA's PREORDER FOR PICTURE DAY!