Parents can now place their own reorders online, at their convenience,
with our safe, secure online store! Here is how the program works:
Obtain the necessary documents to get set up
You can download the necessary documents from the Publications tab of Online Services (Ordermore.net Sign-Up Catalog & W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID Number & Certification) or contact customer service and we'll email them to you. You can fill them out and fax or mail them back to the lab.

Access Keys
Every child will have a unique access key printed on their packslips, printed by GPA.

Parents can place orders at their leisure
Parents can place orders online, using their credit card. GPA will process the payment and fulfill the order. GPA sends the products directly to the parents and you receive the payment in the form of a credit to your GPA account. Every month you'll receive a statement detailing your reorder sales information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know an online reorder has been placed? You will receive an email notification of every online order.

Which Design ID's will be available online? Parents will only be able to order the Design ID's that were offered on the original job. However, all plaque styles are available online.

Are my images secure online? Yes, images are protected by an 18-digit Access Key, which is printed on the Packing Slip. Also, no personal information is available on ordermore.net. Only the individual and team images are visible, and only with the proper access key.

How do I get paid? You will receive a credit to your GPA account.

Does the color reorder insert cost me anything? No, at the current time GPA provides it at no extra charge.