Receive GPA's fastest turnaround time
and lowest pricing with Direct-2-Print.
It's fast. It's inexpensive. It's available now!
Download the software from GPA's Online Serivces Data Entry tab and you're on your way.

Why use Direct-2-Print?
  • want proofs done for an entire set of images and color correction insn't critical.

  • STUDIO color correct your own images, composite your own graphics and text, render your own package print layouts, and package yourself!

  • LEAGUE-WIDE BUTTONS & want League-Wide buttons and Magnets now (or at least faster than MODE provides).

  • have a situation whereby Direct-2-Print allows you to meet or beat certain pricing requirements that a league is demanding or a competitor is offering.

  • For all Direct-2-Print jobs, GPA will:

  • print images exactly how they are submitted.

  • perform no color correction to the images.
  • package orders in bulk based on sequence of images submitted in software.

  • provide Job Tracking in Online Services.

  • provide print profile Keith at ext. 129 or via email.

  • ship the job on the next business day if submitted by 3pm Pacific time.

  • not custom crop the images.

  • not combine images with graphics or add text.

  • not change order information.

  • not allow Redos and Reorders through Online Services or

  • not trim print sizes to 7x10, 8x8 or 8x12.

  • 7 easy steps:

  • 1. Download & open Direct-2-Print program.

  • 2. Create a new job.

  • 3. Import images.

  • 4. Select sizes to print for each image. (D-2-P will alert you of any crop issues).

  • 5. Select shipping options.

  • 6. Verify order information.

  • 7. Submit your order.

Please Contact Customer Service for full details on GPA's Direct-2-Print program!